Manifest Happiness In The New Paradigm

Join a Power Circle where you can learn how to use your intuition to help you manifest happiness.

Manifest Happiness in the New Paradigm

Soul Resources LLC and Rheanni Lightwater is offering an Intro to the Manifest Happiness Circles. These Circles are for artists, teachers, mothers, fathers, healers, inventors and anyone who genuinely wants to connect with their Soul and reclaim their power with integrity and purpose.

The Intro is the first in a series of five 2  1/2 hour workshops designed to resolve mental and emotional patterns that keep us stuck in the old paradigm and obstruct the realization of peace and prosperity in the New Paradigm.

Course materials utilize Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Peruvian Shamanism, Hawaiian Huna, and Feng Shui principles of balance and the Intuitive Learning Circles™. 


The special cost for the Intro is $40.00. Call for class location. Participation in this class is by interview only. Please call Rheanni Lightwater at (505) 271-4612.

Private Manifest Happiness Circles are One and 1/2 hours long and cost $120.00 plus tax.
Group classes are $65.00 plus tax per person per class. Class Size is limited to no more than six participants.
Gifts from the Rainforest - Animal Totems for Inner GuidanceThe Essential HumanText books (required after Intro) : Gifts from the Rainforest and The Essential Human = $40.00 each.

Check, cash and credit card accepted.
All in person classes take place in Santa Fe, NM or online through Zoom.

Rheanni Lightwater, CHT, CKP, Reiki Master TeacherRheanni Lightwater is a Feng Shui consultant, Kinesiologist, Hypnotherapist and teacher of Reiki in Santa Fe. She has been an intuitive in medical clinics and continues her work in private practice. To find out more, call or text (505) 271-4612 to schedule a free initial consultation.

Let’s start with a couple of quick explanations of happiness and unhappiness that we’re going to use as underlying principles to the Circles ~

1) Happiness is a heart centered state of being where a person is internally creating their experience and more likely to attract their needs in an open, natural way. As they experience happiness, they are self-confident and living the concept that “what you put out comes back to you.” They take responsibility for their personal growth and know that their mindset is important in maintaining their happiness.


Blockages to Happiness2) Unhappiness is a state of being where a person is focused on external conditions and the delusion of powerlessness. They look for answers outside of themselves. It’s important to note that unhappiness can be transformed into happiness through courage and awareness that a different choice can be made at any time.

Miracles - Channels of Spirit3) “Intuition is an inner knowing available to us when all of the senses, known and unknown are balanced and able to receive information that is usually filtered out by the conscious mind.”

~ from Learning in the New Paradigm by Rheanni Lightwater

The Cornerstones of Manifest Happiness Circles in the New Paradigm are:

  • Creating prosperity through sustainable cooperation and respectful relationships.
  • Operating out of inner guidance from the Soul rather than the ego.
  • Developing courage and resolve to find peaceful solutions to our current dilemmas.
  • Balancing masculine and feminine energies to create wholeness.
  • Cultivating personal responsibility by understanding “what I put out is what comes back to me” (the Law of Karma).
  • Seeking out healthy nourishment and balance for the body, mind and spirit.
  • Realizing joyful living through reciprocity, self-care and self-love.
  • Actualizing freedom from societal and familial baggage.

The Problem

Getting to the Bottom of your Prosperity Issues.

An example from our recent past will help to paint a picture of what happens when one has lost touch with one of our cornerstones – their prosperity. Let’s say you are living in Pittsburgh in the 50’s and 60’s. You’ve grown up in an environment that is predominately steel mills and manufacturing. The businesses, buildings and social structures have been conceived and built to fulfill the purpose of producing economic dependence upon the steel industry. You are a steel mill worker. Very likely your family has worked in the mills for generations. Every activity, thought and inner motivation has been built upon that experience. Your politics and the conversations you have revolve around it. Your economic security depends upon it. An electro-magnetic energy field has been erected by the collective energy of the residents of Pittsburgh. In response, your personal energy structure has adapted to and perpetuates that input. Now you are in the 70’s and 80’s and the bottom falls out of the steel industry. What do you do? Your own personal energy structure is still operating under “I am a steel mill worker,” but there is no longer any support for that identity.

The Four Stages of Societal Change

1.) Your initial reaction is shock and fear. It’s like the whole world is crumbling down around you.

2.) The next stage is denial. “This is not really happening, maybe if I go down the street and apply at the other mills, I’ll get a job there.”

3.) Once it really sinks in that there are no more jobs in town, disillusionment and depression set in.

4.) If little or nothing is done to alleviate the situation, violence and desperation break out, creating a gridlock to positive change.

Many people are now experiencing one of these four stages due to political, societal and environmental changes taking place in our world today. The solution is to open yourself up to changing who you think you are and building a new identity and personal energy structure that supports who you want to be now.

The Solution

This is where the Manifest Happiness Power Circles come in. The classes and Transformation Games are designed to help you transmute, transform and transcend your experience of lack and limitation into an opening to re-invent yourself the inner guidance of your Soul.

If you want to be prosperous in the truest sense, you will want to examine who you think you are and clear out any thoughts, emotions or assumptions that prevent you from moving forward into the person you’d like to become. It’s also a good idea to modify attitudes and perceptions that keep you chained to the past, struggling to cope with all the changes going on around you.

To find out how the Manifest Happiness Circles can assist you, attend an Intro. Check our Intuition Training schedule

Let Go of The Cynic

A Transformation Game to Let Go of The Cynic ~

Transformation Game - Let Go of the Cynic
* Illustration by Norbert Losche’ – Cosmic Tarot

Transformation Games can help you to identify problems, navigate change and clarify what’s really important to you. Simply relax and gaze at the Intuitive Learning Circles™ while contemplating the accompanying positive affirmations to help you transform aspects of THE DEVIL from the Tarot.*

Relax and follow the directions… your intuition will come forward and give you the help that you seek!

Welcome to our Transformation Game about Tarot Card # 15 – The Devil and his little brother – The Cynic.

According to Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, a cynic is “A faultfinding captious critic; especially one who believes that human conduct is motivated wholly by self-interest.”

Stephen Colbert describes it even better when he says, “Cynicism masquerades as wisdom, but it is the furthest thing from it. Because cynics don’t learn anything. Because cynicism is a self-imposed blindness, a rejection of the world because we are afraid it will hurt us or disappoint us. Cynics always say no. But saying “yes” begins things. Saying ‘yes’ is how things grow. Saying ‘yes’ leads to knowledge.” 

Indeed, the role of the cynic in American culture has been considered a wise and time honored tradition. Yet, there is very little that’s wise or honorable about feeding beliefs that keep people small with one’s energy or attention. 

How Can We Let Go of the Cynic?

Sadly, the Cynic tries to block help even if it would really do him some good.

Gaze softly at the Circle below and imagine you can detach yourself from any collective, societal beliefs that being cynical is a desirable way to connect with anyone… with yourself, a mate, a business associate or anyone you know.

Release your agreement to block or reject things that are helpful.

In your mind, you can see those old agreements like piles of legal contracts burning up into ashes.

“I release agreements to buy into what others say about me.”

“I burn up negative self-talk about my worth, my efforts, my appearance or my abilities.”

“I release agreements that negate _________.”

“I stop tripping over my own self-hate. I release the chains that bind me.”

It may take a while to burn all that cynical conditioning up! But once it’s clear, make some new agreements with yourself that honor your potential and humanity:

“My new agreement is to be open to things that are truly helpful.”

I now tap into my true source of power and self-worth.”

“I respect my Soul and its purpose.”

“I lift my spirit to fulfill my true potential.”

Take time to REPAIR that blind spot!

Everyone has a “blind spot.” For some reason, we’ve been conditioned to turn a blind eye to something right around us. However, The Cynic actually functions out of a blind spot. You may want to see if you can remedy some of that by gazing softly at this Reiki Chakra Key, together with these positive affirmations:

“I reclaim and balance all of my senses.”

“I REPAIR my blind spot and see things as they really are.”

“I use my senses to become aware of the very best my situation has to offer.”

“I can clearly sense what will help me to _______________.”

What kinds of help have you been saying “no” to?

ProtectionIs there anyone who has recently offered you something that you immediately blocked or said “no” to without seriously considering it?

Have you recently poo-pooed one of your own ideas?

In each of those cases, did the “no” come from your Soul? A cynical place…? or somewhere else?

Is a message from your Soul being blocked by The Cynic?

The Cynic is not our friend!

In this case, delusions are the cause of our suffering – not other people or things. I’ve heard it said that cynicism is the father of disappointment and despair, so let’s release the beliefs that create disappointment or despair in ourselves or anyone else.

Gaze softly at the circle to your right and imagine you can close the door on any collective, societal agreement to feed these common cynical beliefs:

“People are stupid.”
“People have bad taste.”
“People want to be lied to.”
“People don’t want to get better.”
“People are basically dishonest.”
“People don’t care.”
“People are not to be trusted.”
“People are ______________.”

It is true that some people are behaving in these ways, yet to declare that it comes from the essence of their being feeds the Cynic, not our Souls! Plus, it does nothing to move us forward as a culture.

Correct the emotional ingredients you’re using to create with.

So, let’s turn those sour grapes into fine wine by transforming disappointment and resentment into dignity and self-worth! This quick series of charts from The Essential Human will change the ingredients we’re drawing from the “field of potential”:

“I let go of being overwhelmed by others. I now reclaim the will to be tolerant and respectful.”

“I close the door on  my obsession with the negative. I now choose live with satisfaction and optimism.”

“I close the door on lies and deception. I now perceive clearly by shining light on the truth.”

“I close the door on disappointment and frustration. I now accept healthy nourishment that supports me.”

“I shut the door on past resentments. I now hold hope in my heart to heal me in the present.”

Clear the habitual mental and emotional blueprints ~

We all have family patterns and social conditioning that contribute to the tendency to be cynical. You can use this symbol for dissolving destructive blueprints to identify them in your unconscious mind and clear them out. Just imagine the harmful thoughts, emotions and attitudes are like dark clouds, dissolving away or disappearing into the Sun.

Keep dissolving them until you can see yourself standing in a beautiful field with a blue sky overhead!

Shut the door on all that pain and suffering and head in the direction of Self-worth!

Now that you’ve learned some of what’s involved with The Cynic, be certain to close the door on all openings or pathways that might lead you back to what you’ve just cleared. Use this affirmation with the Circle to help you:

“I close the doors and seal the leaks – as if they were never there.”

“I head in the direction of healthy protection.”

Closure for Mind Body Healing

Congratulations! You have just let go of the cynic and dealt with one of the biggest bullies in our culture. Go out and celebrate by doing something really nice for yourself!


Feng Shui Mandala

Suggested Feng Shui input to counter-act the energy of The Cynic in your space:
By input, I’m talking about the information (data, art, movies, music, objects, color, elements) that you expose yourself to or surround yourself with.
When you surround yourself with genuinely uplifting input, it will produce a sensory response within you that can make all the difference in your motivation.

  • If you happen to have any objects – perhaps coffee cups or clever posters, badges or refrigerator art that displays the cynical mind at work, take them down and replace them with images that inspire and uplift your true nature.
  • Look back at the tastes that you had as a child. Consider playing the kind of music you really enjoyed or re-read your favorite adventure story. Your psyche will respond very positively to any input that you loved early on in life.
  • If you have had a feng shui or space clearing session done on your home, your environment is already set up to give you support and positive input. If you’ve never tried feng shui, try re-arranging twelve items (objects, knick-knacks, furniture, artwork, etc) in your home or office that increase your sense of self-worth (you can also go through this Feng Shui Game if you like).

Find Out About Feng Shui Clearings in Santa Fe – 

For More Help Navigating the Flow – Check Out Todays Intuitive Reading >

Rheanni Lightwater - Clear Perception

Rheanni Lightwater CHT, CKT lives and practices in Santa Fe, NM. She specializes in mind body healing with family and relationship clearing using Kinesiology, the Intuitive Learning Circles™, Reiki as a Master/Teacher, Hypnotherapy and Shamanic Clearing Techniques.

Schedule with Rheanni via Zoom, Skype or in person when you visit Santa Fe, New Mexico. Call her at (505) 271-4612 between 10:00am – 5:00pm, MST, Monday through Friday to schedule.

This Transformation Game should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment of any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

Beginning Reiki in Santa Fe

Beginning Reiki in Santa Fe is about Self-healing.  Join us for Reiki Attunements and Trainings:

Reiki in Santa FeActivate your self-healing abilities and integrate body, spirit and mind with Reiki in Santa Fe. Learn about the history of Reiki and the Usui Lineage using self-treatments and chakra healing so that you can take care of yourself everyday!

Rheanni Lightwater has been a Reiki Master/Teacher since 2000 and always includes an advanced chakra activation and integration to prepare you for your beginning Reiki attunement.

Beginning Reiki in Santa Fe is a 1 day training where you receive your First Degree Attunement, explore the history of Reiki, and learn how to give yourself a Reiki treatment to balance your chakras and subtle energy field.

In addition, you will receive mentoring and a copy of Rheanni’s award winning self-healing manual, Reiki Chakra Keys that will help you clear emotional and energy blockages while you develop your intuition.

Upcoming dates are>> August 3rd, or September 7th 2019.

Class Times: 10:00 am – 4:30 pm.

Tuition: $150 plus NM Sales Tax

Rheanni makes it a practice to meet with all prospective students beforehand to make certain that she is a good fit as a Reiki instructor and that the student understands how the Attunement process works.

Call for your free, initial consultation with Rheanni: 505-271-4612 or email

What interested beginning Reiki students should know…

Reiki is not taught in the way other healing techniques are, it’s transferred to the student by the Reiki Master during an attunement/initiation process. We believe that this process must be done in person and under the correct circumstances for the attunement to be passed to the student successfully. Each Reiki practitioner and Reiki Master will attract to him/her those people of like vibration. Therefore, it’s recommended that you meet with and trust whomever you’ve chosen to attune you. All attunements from Soul Resources LLC are done in person. 

The attunement process opens your crown, heart and palm chakras to the life force healing energy available, thus creating a link between you and the Reiki Source. In our practice, that link is your Higher Self.

The Reiki attunement is a powerful spiritual experience, which may assist in personal growth and transformation. Your highest good is the priority.

A true Reiki attunement will remain with you for life, whether you consciously use it or not. Your intuition and spiritual energies may become more focused. Be aware: an attunement may induce a cleansing process of body and mind.


Reiki is dynamic and constantly evolving. The Japanese word “DO” means a “way” or lifestyle and we believe that Reiki is a life-style. This lifestyle incorporates the Reiki Ideals of Dr. Usui and the individual’s need for their own spiritual growth.

The Reiki ideals are as follows:

Higher sources as well as one’s own Higher Self guide Reiki energy. Tune into this source and trust your intuition.

As we work on healing ourselves, we help to heal others and our planet, this is true empowerment.

Note: All completed levels include a Certificate of Completion. Because of the personal nature of this kind of work, a brief, initial consultation is required to make certain that the intuition training you’ve selected is appropriate for you. Initial consultations are free and can be conducted over the phone, Zoom or in person. Call 505-271-4612 or email

Extra Intuitive Activitties

If you’re interested in Reiki, you might enjoy this Transformation Game with Reiki Deva, Kuan Yin – Chakra Balancing with Reiki!

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Reiki Training in Santa Fe

Rheanni Lightwater offers all levels of Reiki Training in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Rheanni Lightwater - Reiki Training in Santa FeRheanni is a Master Healer/Teacher of the Usui Shiki Ryo Ho lineage since 2000, which includes William Rand, Mrs. Furomoto, and the Founder of Modern Reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui. 

Reiki Training in Santa Fe - Lineage


Rheanni also teaches GRAIL REIKI  –  The Return of the Sacred Feminine & Masculine.

Note: Because of the personal nature of this kind of work, a brief, initial consultation is required to make certain that the course you’ve selected is appropriate for you. Initial consultations are free and can be conducted over the phone, Zoom or in person.

Call 505-271-4612 or email Rheanni at:

Reiki is a vibrational or subtle energy transmission of Universal Life Force that Rheanni uses as the foundation for all her transformation work including the Intuitive Learning Circles™.

The principles behind Reiki are:

Reiki Training in Santa Fe

Ist Degree Reiki Training in Santa Fe – Using The Energy Medicine of Reiki for Self Healing

Activate your healing abilities and integrate body, spirit and mind with Reiki. Learn about the history of Reiki and the Usui Lineage using self-treatments and chakra balancing for amazing self-care and personal growth. This is an amazing way for you to take care of yourself everyday! Rheanni Lightwater has been a Reiki Master/Teacher since 2000 and always includes an advanced chakra activation and integration to prepare you for your first Reiki Attunement.

In addition, you will receive a copy of Rheanni’s award winning self-healing manual, Reiki Chakra Keys to help with chakra healing, activation and clearing energy blockages while you develop your intuition.

Beginning Reiki is a One Day Class w/ ongoing mentoring: $150.00 plus NM Sales Tax.

Upcoming dates are>> August 3rd, or September 7th 2019.

Find out more or call Rheanni … 505-271-4612.

Second Degree Reiki Training in Santa Fe – Using Reiki as a Practitioner

Expand your journey by learning the many ways you can facilitate hands-on Reiki treatments with your friends, loved ones & clients. Participants learn to use the Power Symbol, the Mental/Emotional Symbol and the Distant Healing or Bridging Symbol for protection, space clearing and distant healing.

Develop intuition and the ability to sense subtle energies. Receive specialized instruction on how to use Reiki for protection, distant healing, scanning, beaming, chakra balancing and creating sacred space for healing and meditation.

One Day Class w/ ongoing mentoring: $275.00

3rd Degree Reiki Training in Santa Fe – Using the Energy Medicine of Reiki at the Master Level

Study advanced forms of energy healing such as “Psychic Surgery”, using Reiki Grids with crystals and a Reiki meditation for protection and manifestation. Participants receive the the Master Symbol and are taught how to use it.

Please note: Learning to attune others is not included at this level.

One Day Training plus ongoing mentoring: $350.00

Master/Teacher Reiki Training in Santa Fe 

For Master Level students who have completed all the previous levels and are well enough experienced in their practice to Attune and teach other students. Instructor approval is required for this level.

One Day Class w/ ongoing mentoring: $150.00

Grail Reiki Attunements and Advanced Energy Healing Training

are available from Rheanni for those students who have received the Master Symbol and want to incorporate the Return of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine into their practice. Learn advanced techniques for manifestation, working with karma, soul retrieval, clearing curses and entities from spaces, etc. Call for more info: 505-271-4612.

Reiki Power Circle

Also available are Reiki Eclasses featuring innovations in self-care and personal growth. Learn about our evolving energy fields, the philosophy and principles of Reiki and Grail Reiki along with tips and advanced energy medicine for the New Paradigm.

Extra Intuitive Activitties

If you’re interested in Reiki, you might enjoy this Transformation Game with Reiki Deva, Kuan Yin – Chakra Balancing with Reiki!

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Robert S. Morrison DCH and Rheanni Lightwater CKT, CHT have over 33 years combined in mind body healing and are dedicated to connecting you to your highest potential!

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