Cut Through Stagnation

Rheanni Lightwater - Cut Through StagnationTransformation Game - Cut through Stagnation

Welcome to Soul Resources FREE Transformation Game that uses the Intuitive Learning Circles to help you cut through stagnation and release the epigenetic patterns of apathy and inertia.

When you play, you’re strengthening a New Paradigm in our collective consciousness for greater joy and sustainable prosperity!

Our Transformation Games can help you to identify problems, change your focus to positive solutions, ground yourself and get in the present. We’re getting help from the I Ching, an ancient book of change that follows the flow of the cosmos. Simply relax and gaze at the Circles while contemplating positive affirmations. Your intuition will come forward and give you the help that you seek.

Are you concerned about how the pervasive pattern of inertia and foot dragging in our society is preventing us from finding viable solutions to violence, poverty, environmental issues and equality? 

Play a Transformation Game for I Ching Hexagram #12 that helps you to successfully Cut Through STAGNATION!

So, let’s get started:

This symbol represents a lazy, apathetic energy that blocks energetic REPAIR and REFORM. It clogs our vision and loves to masquerade as grief (think of the wolf in sheep’s clothing and crocodile tears). One of the goals of playing this Transformation Game is to cut through STAGNATION and the illusion created from this destructive pattern.

The false narrative of ‘thoughts and prayers’ after a devastating act of violence is an expression of this apathetic energy. Those who utilize it want to keep the status quo intact, so they spread it on thick to block appropriate action. The grief, the feigned hurt feelings, the guilt, shame and righteous indignation. You’ve been there, right? We’ve all been there. In fact, we’ve all been there for years! 

Unfortunately, when nothing is done, we resort to comforting ourselves with things. Comfort food, comfort drinks, comfort distractions. We self-medicate. We feel shut down, trapped and hopeless. Like being in a kind of psychic mud hole. Nothing gets done and nothing changes for the better.

Take a moment to meditate on the symbol and really get a feel for it. Once your unconscious mind identifies it, you’ll have a much easier time recognizing and dispelling it.

Mind Body Integration

Mind Body IntegrationFor best results, look at each symbol both crossed over the midline of the body and uncrossed so that the correction is more complete.


1. All right. Now that you’ve identified the energy, let go of any agreement you have to be trapped by it for any reason. Use the Intuitive Learning Circle below with these affirmations to release any unconscious connections you have to this toxic energy:

“I disconnect from this energy. I release all agreements to mistake it for a real solution or true comfort. I have no need of it.

Instead, I choose to expel it entirely. I now cut through STAGNATION caused by this energy.”

My new agreements are:

“I connect with energetic action to repair and reform the current situation. I am determined to take good care of myself and my resources.”


2. Let this symbol help you identify and expel the thoughts and energy of violence. Use these affirmations if they help:

“I expel the thoughts and intentions of violence and safely send them to the light.”


Cut through stagnation and violence

Epigenetic Healing - Divine Nature Activated3. Clear epigenetic information with the next few images from Divine Nature Activated. Allow the positive affirmations to help you shift your energy. Relax and take your time.

Imagine that you can cut through stagnation and “stuck” energy and that you can then connect with a light filled DNA strand that comes directly from your Source.

“I ask for assistance in disabling the destructive energy. I now connect with my highest good.”


“I hold the victory of Love in my mind. I am protected in times of fear and violence.”


“I clear away the smoke screen and cut through stagnation in all aspects of my life.”



4. Finish this section by imagining that the toxic pattern is sticking to you and that this symbol can peel it off.

“I remove destructive energy from my body, mind and spirit and send it to the Sun. I am clean and clear.”


5. Now it’s time to visualize the destructive mental/ emotional blueprints of inertia and apathyinertia and foot-dragging and send them to the Sun to be transformed:


“I dissolve this imprint of apathy and any connection I have ever had to it.”

“I clear my field of destructive mental and emotional patterns and send them to the Sun.” 

6. With this Circle, find any whirlpools or drains that could suck you back into the STAGNATION or any old patterns of danger or inaction. See them close completely.



7. Find any energetic opening(s) that leave you open and vulnerable to the destructive patterns and close them completely.

“All pathways to apathy or violence are closed – sealed and healed.”

“I follow the direction of healthy protection.”


8. You’re almost finished with the game now, please take a minute to refocus and strengthen your auras before you go!

Be sure that you spend all the time you need with this Circle. Your auras are an important part of having good health and protection.

“My auras are strengthened, repaired  and refocused.”




You have lifted yourself out of the mud and detached from the epigenetic pattern of apathy. Go out and relax in nature, take a walk… celebrate!

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This Transformation Game should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment if there is any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

Unearthing Emotional Conflict

A Transformation Game for Handling Emotional Conflict ~

Transformation Games can help you to identify problems, navigate change and clarify what’s really important to you. Simply relax and gaze at the Intuitive Learning Circles™ while contemplating the accompanying positive affirmations that help you unearth emotional conflict using the I Ching and the Tarot.*

Relax and follow the directions… your intuition will come forward and give you the help that you seek!

Welcome to our Transformation Game about Hexagram #6 – Conflict

Transformation Game - Emotional Conflict
* Illustration by Norbert Losche’ – Cosmic Tarot

Sometimes the reason we’re experiencing emotional conflict is because we’re being dragged into unhealthy patterns from the past. These could be societal expectations, a family pattern or it could be an unhealthy, entangled relationship you have with an individual.

The I Ching says about CONFLICT:

“You may be facing a major disillusionment in your life as you begin to realize that what you believed to be a universal truth is only your subjective view of the situation. You will have to reconsider your premise more realistically. The need for an inner adjustment yielding a more harmonious outlook is indicated.” ~ Hexagram #6 CONFLICT, The I Ching Workbook, R. L Wing


To find out if that’s happening, gaze softly at the Intuitive Learning Circle™ and ask yourself:

“Am I tangled up with someone else’s belief or desire?”

“Is that entanglement pulling me into the Old Paradigm of greed and inequality?”

“Is it dragging me into an unhealthy trajectory that isn’t my Soul’s path?”

If the answer you get is”no,” that’s great! Your Soul is in charge and you’re staying grounded in the New Paradigm of equality, personal responsibility and sustainable prosperity.

However, if the answer you get is “yes,” “maybe,” or “sometimes,” you may be losing your footing, or even worse, weakening your connection with your Soul! What can you do?

1. Get Yourself Into the Best Position To Clear Your Emotional Conflict.

You could be having trouble with your Third Chakra, located at the solar plexus (in the front where your ribs go up). Your Psyche or Essential Self resides most effectively in that location.

Take a minute or so to gaze softly at the Reiki Chakra Key for chakra healing so that your Essential Self can access its power effectively.

The existence of the Essential Self is discussed in many cultures and disciplines. Other names would be your Inner Child, the Authentic Self, the Golden Child or the Basic Self.
Regardless of what it’s called, you can think of it as your “I am,” or your true essence.

2. Identify Mistaken Ideas That Can Cause Emotional Conflict.

Now that you’ve got your positioning right, let’s see if we can find out exactly what’s causing problems for you right now.  Gaze softly at the Circle below, and imagine you’re looking at yourself in a mirror. Ask yourself these questions:
“What is the biggest challenge I’m facing right now?”
“What are the voices from my critical mind saying about it? Is that the truth?”

“How do I see myself in this situation? Is this an accurate reflection of what is really happening?”
“Am I buying into a mistaken idea that’s interfering with my truth or ability to succeed?”

3. Get Specifics About This Particular Emotional Conflict.

Ask yourself if your energy is actually tangled up with someone around this issue.

Are harmful or controlling thoughts being directed towards you? Are you giving yourself a hard time with negative self-talk?

If so, can you tell what the nature of those thoughts might be?

Is this conflict affecting your health and/or safety?

If so, can you tell in what way?

4. Make a Decision to Detach From Harmful Influences.

If the answers you get are distressing to you, it’s time for your Soul to reclaim your personal authority and detach from the conflict. Note – Once you’ve detached, the conflict may still be there, but you’ll be relating to it differently.

Relax and use this sequence of symbols and positive affirmations to help you detach…

“I decide to detach from past resentments and the conflicts they create – in the past, now and in the future.”


“I let go of the confusion around this conflict. I now choose thoughts that support my freedom and happiness.”


“I let go of the poison and negativity that surrounds me and take responsibility for my own happiness.”


“I decide that my Soul is now in charge. I let go of mistaken ideas, shame, coercion, blame, guilt and punishment. I let go of the desire to take things personally or waste my energy on emotional conflicts.”

“I learn from past mistakes and they are forgiven.”



“I reclaim my connection with my Soul.”

“My Soul is in charge of detaching from and clearing away false or harmful influences.”

“I follow the guidance and integrity of my Soul.”

5. Dissolve Destructive Mental and Emotional Patterns:

Imagine all those emotional conflicts and the ways you get caught up in them are like a huge storm cloud trying to surround and engulf you. This symbol for dissolving destructive blueprints will help your Soul clear the negative pattern. All you have to do is breathe and have the following intention as you gaze softly at the image:

“I dissolve all the patterns of this emotional conflict and any ways that I attach to them.”

“I dissolve shame, blame, falsehood, entrapment, gullibility, guilt and ____________.”

Simply see the cloud dissolving or send it to the Sun until you can see yourself standing in the middle of your own personal garden, filled with beauty and brightly colored flowers.

6. Reclaim Balance:

“I bring myself back into balance. Both feet are firmly on the ground.”

7. Make a Course Correction:

Imagine that your Soul is opening your Heart center and connecting with it. Feel the light within you getting stronger and allow your Soul to make the necessary changes. This is your garden. Your way. The way that your heart is guided to create – free of this emotional conflict.

Next, take a deep breath and relax your body. Allow your Soul to download its resources – its wisdom and awareness for creating your highest good:

“I am filled with the wisdom of my spirit.”

Take note of where you feel this new awareness moving through your body. Allow yourself to enjoy it.

8. Say Good-bye to Old Pathways of Conflicts.

Before you go – close the doors to all that suffering so you don’t keep recycling finished business!

Use these positive affirmations to help you:

“I seal and heal all pathways that lead back to conflicts, punishments and suffering.”

“I follow the direction of healthy protection.”


Now is a good time to get out into nature. Go for a walk or do something you enjoy. The time you take for yourself now will help you move beyond emotional conflict and into fully embodied action.

Rheanni Lightwater - Rheanni Lightwater CHT, CKT lives and practices in Santa Fe, NM. She specializes in mind body healing with family, environment and relationship clearing using Kinesiology, the Intuitive Learning Circles™, Reiki as a Master/Teacher, Hypnotherapy and Shamanic Clearing Techniques.

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This Transformation Game should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment for any ailment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment if there is any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

Untangling Family Relationship Issues

Mind Exercise: Clearing Emotional Entanglements from Family Relationship Issues

Family Relationship IssuesEmotional entanglements established early in life out of family relationship issues can be very stubborn and you may feel powerless.

Sometimes there’s so much going on the dynamics of a person’s childhood, it seems impossible to let go of all the conditioning and allow something different to happen in adult life. 

There is a way through to free yourself and get some relief using the Intuitive Learning Circles™ and positive affirmations with your imagination.

Step One: Think about the relationship issues in your life that just don’t ever seem to get better. They could be relationships in love, friendship, business, or just about anything! Use this Circle to help you visualize the nature of the issues from a larger perspective.

How would you describe your experience? You might want to quickly journal your answer so that you can express it later through writing, art, music, movement or sharing your story with others.


Step Two: When dealing with emotional pain, breathing always helps. Gaze softly at the Circle and breathe in on the count of three. One…two…three.
Exhale to the count of six. One…two…three…four…five…six.
Do this as many times as you like. Breathing in and letting go. 

Imagine that the pain around the relationship issues you’re dealing with is like a huge iceberg. Visualize it melting, moving and breaking apart until your energy relaxes. Feel free to move at any time in any way to help you embody your experience. Continue until you feel a palpable release of tension.

Use this Circle to help you clear away any debris or garbage that’s leftover once the ice has melted. You can imagine a broom just sweeping it all away to the Sun!


Step Three: In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the second level needs are safety oriented. They include protection from the elements, security, order, law, stability and freedom from fear. Family relationship issues often involve these needs. Second level needs are primarily processed through the 2nd Chakra (located approximately 2 – 3 inches down from your navel).

Gaze softly at the Second Chakra Key below for a minute or so. Then ask yourself: “Are these relationship issues having a negative affect on my safety and security needs? Are they causing a problem in any of my current relationships? Is my Second Chakra holding some of that energy?” 

Am I having difficulty accessing information, connection or trust? Do I need chakra healing here? if so, what would help me to bring my 2nd Chakra in balance?


Step Four: Now we’re going to clear some emotional entanglements around this situation. Meditate on the Circle below and imagine that you’re on your path, looking to create satisfying relationships, yet for some reason, you can’t see your way. Perhaps the path is blank, crowded or dark or has you feeling anxious and unsafe. Maybe it’s filled with junk, obstructions or debris. How frustrating it is to feel like this when you would really like to have things be different for you now!

Ask yourself, “How can I clear this path?” Gather up unconscious information.



The Essential HumanStep Five: Let’s suppose that by going through the following sequence of symbols from The Essential Human, you’ll be able clear up the path and see what you need to do to help yourself.


Look at this symbol for a few moments and imagine that you’re untangling a messy string of lights that would light up your way. Stay with it until the lights are all straightened out and ready to be hung.



Imagine that you’re in a playground with dozens of little children fighting and bullying each other. As you look at this symbol, imagine that you’re ringing a bell or blowing a horn. As if awakened from a nightmare, the children change their demeanor. Some start to play quietly with each other. Some leave entirely and some of them come up to you and begin playing nicely.


Imagine that you’re now at a garden party where lots of couples are dancing.  Suddenly, the center of the garden is filled with a pile of wriggling snakes, ruining everyone’s time! Use the symbol and ring the bell again. You can see the snakes disappearing into thin air. If there are any holes, see them close completely. Life has returned to the party!


Now imagine that this symbol represents the denial or resistance around your family’s relationship issues.  Use this affirmation to clear up the resistance:

“I close the door on all false information. I now perceive the truth about me.”


Look at the Circle and ask your heart, “Am I present and in my own space? Or am I somewhere else?

Consciously decide to be present, in your own body, your own space, using your own energy.


Look at this Circle and ask yourself, “Am I accessing my own karma or someone else’s to create relationships? Has someone dumped their karma on me? Is someone accessing my karma without my permission?”

Affirm to yourself: “I decide to use only my karma to create my relationships. I naturally deflect other people’s karma and return it to them. I am in charge of how my karma is used.”

“Since I don’t know how this suffering came to be, I forgive all transgressions.”


Step Six: Now that you’ve cleared some major entanglements, bring your senses into balance. Some may be turned up too high or some too low. 

“I see things as they really are.”

Imagine the pathway for creating your satisfying relationships again. How has it changed? Is it clearer? Does it feel better? More real?


Step Seven: Put it all together now. What do you need to do differently in your life to create the relationships you really want?


Check in with your Second Chakra again for a minute or so. Ask yourself: “Is the original relationship issue still having a negative affect on my safety and security needs? Is my Second Chakra holding energy from that situation now?”

Does my chakra need balancing now? Do I need Epigenetic Healing from Divine Nature Activated? What else might help me?

Make an agreement with yourself to follow through on the information you’ve gained through this exercise. Then close the door on all pathways that might lead you back to suffering.

“I follow the direction of healthy protection.”

Closure for Mind Body Healing


Congratulations! You have made some progress with emotional healing and entanglements from your family relationships. The next time you encounter the issue, notice if the dynamics have changed for you.

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This Mind Exercise should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment if there is any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

Heartfelt Communication Using Your Intuition

Intuition is Learning to Listen with Your Heart

You could say that heartfelt communication is something many people would like to achieve. In the best of times it happens naturally by opening your heart and listening to its promptings. Unfortunately, when life takes a difficult turn or tragedy happens, the heart and throat centers can shut down, leading you to feel cut off and at a loss for words. Repeated trauma and other violations of the spirit take their toll. Perhaps it’s the shock of disappointment or the panic one feels when the world gets turned upside down. Opening up again may take time and some extra encouragement, especially for introverted, shy or highly sensitive people.

Yet, with a little help, your heart can heal and your throat can relax again. By practicing heartfelt communication with yourself first, you strengthen your intuition, which is like having an inner guidance system. When you go one step further and act on your intuition, you can:

  • Re-examine your relationship with yourself, your family and the world around you,
  • Reverse negativity,
  • Reclaim an inner peace that helps you remain objective while adapting to major changes,
  • Resource new ways to nurture cooperation and appreciation,
  • Resolve to be free from apathy and indifference to the plight of the planet and your fellow (wo)man,
  • Renew your hope and faith in the power of Love to heal and create.

Heartfelt Communication Changes Negative to Positive

A Transformation Game using the Intuitive Learning Circle™ method.

Intuitive Learning CirclesThe Intuitive Learning Circles use messages from animals and nature to facilitate your learning and access inner peace.

Many cultures claim that messages from the animal world inform and offer us guidance, a very special kind of “medicine”. The Intuitive Learning Circles™ have their own Animal Totems and our Heartfelt Communication Meditation gives you an opportunity to try out the Circles and receive the animal medicine that go with each of them.

*For best results, place both feet on the ground and gaze gently at each Circle to receive your own message.

Step One

Let’s start by introducing you to the very first Intuitive Learning Circle™ from “Gifts from the Rainforest“:

Animal Spirits Medicine

Animals are our partners in creating an abundant and peaceful life on our planet. By observing their behavior and the role they play in their environment, we can adapt to and make the most of the circumstances in our lives. This Intuitive Learning Circle helps us to adapt and take ownership of how we use our energy. It also helps us to set things right by listening to the wisdom of our hearts. If you gaze gently at the Circle, you can tune in and receive your own answers to the questions below.

Relax and breathe as you would in a state of meditation. Think of a person or group that you would like to improve your communications with.

What do you really want to communicate to this person or group? Write it down.

Step Two

Electric Eel Medicine

The message of Electric Eel is always about grounding. Being grounded in the truth about who we are and what we’re doing. Use this medicine to scan your body and pay attention to any areas that feel blank or void when it comes to communicating with this person or group. Once you feel the blank area, Electric Eel will help you fill in the void with positive energy and purpose. It can also help you change the polarity of your throat and heart chakras so that they can open up again.

Once you feel more open and grounded, look at what you wrote down. Is this really what you want to communicate?

Do you think that this message, as it is, will evoke the response you’re really looking for?

Is there a more positive message to send?

Step Three:

Epigenetic Healing - Divine Nature activatedThe next symbol is from Divine Nature Activated and will help you release negative conditioning on an epigenetic level. The key is to relax as much as possible while looking at the symbol. It can help to imagine that an old, broken DNA strand is falling apart while a vibrant and cohesive DNA strand is relaxing, healing and filling up with light.

When using these symbols, it’s important to relax and breathe as you use each affirmation:

“I cut through the smoke screen of conflict, doubt, fear and confusion.”

“The airwaves are clear so I can hear the true guidance of my heart.”

“I call on the power of Love to assist me in times of fear and violence.”

“I hold the victory of Love in mind.”

“I know how to communicate the correct message in a safe, respectful manner.”

“I remember my connection to Universal Love.”

“I communicate with honesty and sincerity.

“I release any negative conditioning I may have to feed the seeds of violence and fear.”

Visualize those seeds moving up, out and away from you… send them to the Sun to be transformed!

“I decide to feed the seeds of  ________ instead.” 

Now that you’ve released all that negative conditioning, be sure to refocus and strengthen your auras using this Circle. Your auras protect you and are an important part of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Take all the time you need using these affirmations:

“I decide to take good care of myself.”

“My auras are completely repaired and refocused. I strengthen my mental capacity for heartfelt communication.”

Step Four

Dissolve any karma that you may have for harmful or ineffective communication with this symbol for dissolving destructive blueprints.

“I dissolve the destructive energy of harmful communication and any connection I have ever had to it.”

See it dissolve like a black cloud, dissipating into the pure light of the Sun.

“I close the door on any harmful or manipulative communication.”

Closure for Mind Body Healing

Step Five

Starlight Medicine

Now you’re ready to reform and clarify your message! Starlight aligns our individual consciousness with Universal Truth to achieve clarity and order. This medicine supports compassionate action, clarity of direction and alignment with your spirit. Continue to relax as you gaze at the Circle and allow it to help you re-frame what you really want to communicate. That way, your words will have a more desirable impact.

“What I really want to say is _________________________________.”



You have taken the time to consider the true impact of your words and re-framed any confusion or negativity into more heartfelt communication. Be sure to take some time to relax. Take a walk and integrate what you’ve come up with.


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Rheanni Lightwater - Heartfelt CommunicationFind out about Rheanni’s Intuitive Readings and Clearings (Long Distance or in Person)

Reiki and Intuition Training is available with Rheanni (Ray-ah-nee). Call her at (505) 271-4612 between 10:00am – 5:00pm, Monday through Friday to discuss your interest.

This Mind Exercise should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment if there is any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.