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Rheanni Lightwater - Cut Through StagnationTransformation Game - Cut through Stagnation

Welcome to Soul Resources FREE Transformation Game that uses the Intuitive Learning Circles to help you cut through stagnation and release the epigenetic patterns of apathy and inertia.

When you play, you’re strengthening a New Paradigm in our collective consciousness for greater joy and sustainable prosperity!

Our Transformation Games can help you to identify problems, change your focus to positive solutions, ground yourself and get in the present. We’re getting help from the I Ching, an ancient book of change that follows the flow of the cosmos. Simply relax and gaze at the Circles while contemplating positive affirmations. Your intuition will come forward and give you the help that you seek.

Are you concerned about how the pervasive pattern of inertia and foot dragging in our society is preventing us from finding viable solutions to violence, poverty, environmental issues and equality? 

Play a Transformation Game for I Ching Hexagram #12 that helps you to successfully Cut Through STAGNATION!

So, let’s get started:

This symbol represents a lazy, apathetic energy that blocks energetic REPAIR and REFORM. It clogs our vision and loves to masquerade as grief (think of the wolf in sheep’s clothing and crocodile tears). One of the goals of playing this Transformation Game is to cut through STAGNATION and the illusion created from this destructive pattern.

The false narrative of ‘thoughts and prayers’ after a devastating act of violence is an expression of this apathetic energy. Those who utilize it want to keep the status quo intact, so they spread it on thick to block appropriate action. The grief, the feigned hurt feelings, the guilt, shame and righteous indignation. You’ve been there, right? We’ve all been there. In fact, we’ve all been there for years! 

Unfortunately, when nothing is done, we resort to comforting ourselves with things. Comfort food, comfort drinks, comfort distractions. We self-medicate. We feel shut down, trapped and hopeless. Like being in a kind of psychic mud hole. Nothing gets done and nothing changes for the better.

Take a moment to meditate on the symbol and really get a feel for it. Once your unconscious mind identifies it, you’ll have a much easier time recognizing and dispelling it.

Mind Body Integration

Mind Body IntegrationFor best results, look at each symbol both crossed over the midline of the body and uncrossed so that the correction is more complete.


1. All right. Now that you’ve identified the energy, let go of any agreement you have to be trapped by it for any reason. Use the Intuitive Learning Circle below with these affirmations to release any unconscious connections you have to this toxic energy:

“I disconnect from this energy. I release all agreements to mistake it for a real solution or true comfort. I have no need of it.

Instead, I choose to expel it entirely. I now cut through STAGNATION caused by this energy.”

My new agreements are:

“I connect with energetic action to repair and reform the current situation. I am determined to take good care of myself and my resources.”


2. Let this symbol help you identify and expel the thoughts and energy of violence. Use these affirmations if they help:

“I expel the thoughts and intentions of violence and safely send them to the light.”


Cut through stagnation and violence

Epigenetic Healing - Divine Nature Activated3. Clear epigenetic information with the next few images from Divine Nature Activated. Allow the positive affirmations to help you shift your energy. Relax and take your time.

Imagine that you can cut through stagnation and “stuck” energy and that you can then connect with a light filled DNA strand that comes directly from your Source.

“I ask for assistance in disabling the destructive energy. I now connect with my highest good.”


“I hold the victory of Love in my mind. I am protected in times of fear and violence.”


“I clear away the smoke screen and cut through stagnation in all aspects of my life.”



4. Finish this section by imagining that the toxic pattern is sticking to you and that this symbol can peel it off.

“I remove destructive energy from my body, mind and spirit and send it to the Sun. I am clean and clear.”


5. Now it’s time to visualize the destructive mental/ emotional blueprints of inertia and apathyinertia and foot-dragging and send them to the Sun to be transformed:


“I dissolve this imprint of apathy and any connection I have ever had to it.”

“I clear my field of destructive mental and emotional patterns and send them to the Sun.” 

6. With this Circle, find any whirlpools or drains that could suck you back into the STAGNATION or any old patterns of danger or inaction. See them close completely.



7. Find any energetic opening(s) that leave you open and vulnerable to the destructive patterns and close them completely.

“All pathways to apathy or violence are closed – sealed and healed.”

“I follow the direction of healthy protection.”


8. You’re almost finished with the game now, please take a minute to refocus and strengthen your auras before you go!

Be sure that you spend all the time you need with this Circle. Your auras are an important part of having good health and protection.

“My auras are strengthened, repaired  and refocused.”




You have lifted yourself out of the mud and detached from the epigenetic pattern of apathy. Go out and relax in nature, take a walk… celebrate!

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This Transformation Game should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment if there is any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

Setting Limitations for Strong Boundaries

Are You Setting Limitations That Are Strong Enough to Maintain Healthy Boundaries?

Crown Chakra and setting limitations
Reiki Chakra Keys – The Crown Chakra

As we go through the  transformation from the old paradigm of greed to the New Paradigm of equality, setting LIMITATIONS becomes more and more essential to our health and well-being.

Kuan Yin's Transformation GamesOur Transformation Games are inspired by Kuan Yin, a beloved and respected healing guide among natural health and energy medicine practitioners.

*Caution! Her advice, as always, is direct and to the point!

To help you better connect with her assistance, she uses the Intuitive Learning Circles ™ to communicate with you through meditation, affirmations and visualization. Try going through the game first, and if you have questions about how to use the Circles, you can check out Exploring the Intuitive Learning Circles here >

Welcome to the I Ching Reading and Transformation Game for: Hexagram #60 Setting LIMITATIONS for Strong Boundaries ~

Are you being dumped on? If so, what can you do about it?

“Extravagant behavior and lack of restraint has led you into a state of difficulty. If you are now feeling regret over this and not busy placing the blame elsewhere, you will avoid further mistakes.” ~ The I Ching Workbook, R.L. Wing

When people choose to blame others and you happen to be in their crossfires, you are liable to be dumped on. This tendency is especially common among highly sensitive people.

In this context, when someone is being “dumped on,” it means that they’re consciously or unconsciously taking on responsibility for other people’s feelings, karma, behavior, etc. This method of coping is usually learned early on in life and can cause great suffering for the “dumpee.” In contrast, it creates quite a bit of freedom for the “dumper.”

Sometimes dumpers just feel overwhelmed and are looking for relief, as in the case of a small child. However, some people never learn to handle their own feelings and go around unconsciously looking for someone to shame, blame and/or dump their feelings on. Unfortunately, some people are actually narcissistic and do it on purpose to further their quest for power and control. Another way to effectively dump things on other people is through flattery and adulation. Don’t fall for it!

All forms of dumping are an abuse of power based on co-dependence and a desire to escape responsibility.

If you feel you are in such a situation and want to do something constructive to help yourself, you can go through this Transformation Game on Setting Limitations. Simply relax and gaze at the Circles while contemplating the questions or positive affirmations that go with them. Your intuition will come forward and give you the help that you seek.

Begin By Gaging Your Willingness to Change:

If you’re willing to examine your personal habits and are setting LIMITATIONS for yourself that are healthy and life affirming, you can learn to stop being a dumpee. To get started, ask yourself:

“Have I been willing to let other people dump on me? Have I allowed it to happen a lot in the past?” 

“Am I willing to stop this tendency in myself?”

If you have a tendency to be caught off guard by others, now is the time to set stronger LIMITATIONS. Ask your Self, “Am I currently experiencing situations where:

1) There’s a lot of incompetence or my privacy is being disrespected?

2) People are noncooperative, argumentative or easily offended?

3) There is poor health or breakups in friendship or family relations?”

If so, setting LIMITATIONS is definitely called for.

In cases such as these, forceful displays of power will absolutely backfire. Realize that you’re being baited. Do nothing to aggressively confront people in regard to those particular situations and be very conservative with any investment of energy, time or money. Doing so would probably result in a nasty bout of dumping.

The best things to do when dealing with the “dumper/dumpee” dynamic is to stay calm, accept what’s happening and take care of yourself very sensibly. Don’t take the bait. Be generous and kind to those you care about and trust, while you stay out of their business. Find new avenues of behavior that genuinely support your well-being.

Let me repeat…

If you don’t want to be dumped on, don’t engage in dramatic emotional exchanges. That’s because whenever you’re caught up in another person’s emotional turmoil, you’re in an excellent energetic position to be dumped on. And that’s true, regardless of whether the emotion is positive or negative.

To help yourself, gaze softly at this symbol and imagine that your karmic seeds for harmful or co-dependent habits are burning up.

“I purify my karmic tendency towards co-dependence and self-destruction. I now make a commitment to my higher good.”


“I release my tendency to buy into pity, self-pity, shame, guilt or blame.”

“I release my agreement to ____________________, to be a fixer, a scapegoat, co-dependent, etc.

Release Fixations:

You may be experiencing shock that’s interfering with your ability to stay clear during emotional outbursts. Relax and use this affirmation to help you release whatever is causing conflict in you.

“I release the conflict around _________________ or anything else that causes me harm. “

You can use this Circle like a telescope to help you find fixations in your mind and energy field. Once you find one, use the symbol to send a laser beam to break it apart or melt it like an iceberg in the Sun. There may be more than one.

Next, scan your body and energy field to do the same with any denser, hardened energies. You can even do it for the immediate space around you.


Go within and access what’s really important to you in this situation. Acknowledge any indulgences or obstacles that you create for yourself. It’s very difficult to change if you allow the truth to be blocked from your consciousness.

Setting Limitations On How You Contribute to the Problem:

Slow down and use this Circle to help you become aware of how you are approaching projects, plans, organizations and people that aren’t working in your best interest. If you let your thoughts slow down, you can begin to sense what is contributing to your problems. The very awareness of how you are tied into the problem reveals possible solutions.

“I slow down and pay attention… is there something about this situation that I’m missing and need to know?”

“I clarify my awareness of what I’m doing to contribute to the chaos.”


Dissolve any harmful thoughts or emotions that keep you in the dark. It might help to imagine those patterns like dark clouds that obstruct the light. See the darkness dissolve and dissipate into sunlight and clear blue skies.

Before you continue, seal and heal any holes that may have been hidden behind in the darkness. This positive affirmation works very well:

“All holes or leakages are sealed and healed.”

“I head in the direction of healthy protection.”

Be sure to do that both crossed and uncrossed over the midline of your body.

“I understand the part I have played in this situation.”


In this lighter, clearer mind space, ask yourself:

“What makes sense to do next?” or “How can I best protect myself in this situation?”

Congratulations! You’ve taken an important first step towards protecting your Self from being dumped on. Taking the time now to understand how you have unknowingly contributed to your own suffering is truly a gift of self-love.

Extra-intuitive Activities

The following extra-intuitive activities aren’t required, but they can really help you prevent future suffering…

Note: At any point during the rest of this Transformation Game, you may need to go back to the Release Fixations section to look for and clear additional fixations. 

Start by Releasing Your Agreement to Continue Harming Yourself in Any Way:

Tell your neurological system that you are done with behavior that puts you in harm’s way – like shaming or blaming yourself. Include buying into conflicts, contradictions, obligations, “duty,” lies, trickery or someone else’s suffering.

“I release my agreement to ____________________________.”

Make a New Intention:

“I am focused on creating self-love and self-worth.

I am _________________________.”

Reclaim Your Personal Power:

Affirm that you have the ability to change your behavior easily and effectively:

“I reclaim my power, attention and energy.”

Setting Limitations On What You’re Attracting:

If you’re approaching situations with an attitude of “I’m going to fix this,” or “I’m supposed to rescue this person or change how they are thinking / behaving,” you’re setting yourself up to fall into the dumper/dumpee trap. To avoid it, stay centered and focused on your own integrity.

The Essential Human* If you have a copy of The Essential Human, now would be a good time to use Emotional Corrections A – E between pages 97 and 101 to access and balance energies you’re pulling from the ‘field of potential’.

Going through this process will help you draw on the kinds of spiritual / emotional ingredients that will support your integrity.

“I am focused on my own integrity.”


Setting Limitations On Where You’re Heading:

Going in too many directions keeps you in confusion and chaos. Use this Circle to help you establish a single internal direction that will guide you in your external actions. That will help you to get where you actually want to go!

“I let go of needing to please others. I now head in the direction of my Souls true purpose.”

Gaze at this Circle for several minutes until you feel confident that you’re heading in the direction of your highest good.

Setting Limitations on How You’re Using Your Energy:

Put your feet on the floor and ground in the truth of who you really are.


Once you’re feeling grounded, ask for the very best.

“I now access healthy nourishment and support for my Souls purpose.”


Imagine that you can form strong, healthy boundaries with this affirmation:

“I am filled with courage and determination. I reject and repel shame, blame, frustration, jealousy, impatience, panic and _________.”


The fact that you have taken the time now to strengthen your boundaries and protect yourself from shame and blame will serve you well throughout your life.

Closure for Mind Body Healing

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Rheanni Lightwater - Sustainable Prosperity in the New Paradigm

Rheanni Lightwater CHT, CKT lives and practices in Santa Fe, NM. She specializes in mind body healing with family and relationship clearing using Kinesiology, the Intuitive Learning Circles™, Reiki as a Master/Teacher, Hypnotherapy and Shamanic Clearing Techniques.

Schedule with Rheanni via Zoom, Skype or in person when you visit Santa Fe, New Mexico. Call her at (505) 271-4612 between 10:00am – 5:00pm, MST, Monday through Friday to schedule.

This Transformation Game should not be considered as an exclusive method of treatment. The appropriate medical or psychotherapeutic authorities should be consulted for the diagnosis and treatment if there is any medical or psychological condition. The information and practices described on this website are best considered as an adjunct to orthodox medical or psychological treatments.

Intuitive Reading with the Book of Change

How to use the Intuitive Learning Circles™ to consult with important books of divination like the I Ching or The Book of Change ~

The I Ching is an ancient book of divination that follows and predicts movements and energy flow in the cosmos. Intuitive readings that recognize the Tao encourage us to find our place in the cosmos and harmonize with it.

“To move with the tao (or gate through which all things move) is to be in a state of grace.”

Book of Change
Come into alignment with the Tao – the underlying principles of Nature.

One of the best things about The Book of Change is that it’s uniquely equipped to help you understand the nature of your circumstances in relation to the ebb and flow of nature itself.

This symbol helps your mind tune into information regarding the “Tao” or the natural flow of life, which is what the Book of Change is all about.

It’s easy to do, just relax and gently contemplate coming into alignment with the Tao.


Rheanni Lightwater – Intuitive Reading from the Book of Change

Rheanni Lightwater - Book of ChangeI Ching Workbook - R. L. WingIntuitive readers often say that it’s difficult to do a reading for yourself and that’s true. However, whenever I consult The Book of Change with the Intuitive Learning Circles™ I get very good results. With them, I am informed about key unconscious movements, concerns and decisions that need to be made within my psyche. For example, I often get forewarnings of unexpected or accidental encounters that I simply could not have been aware of on my own.

A simple sequence of Circles from Gifts from the Rainforest helps you frame a question or intention for an intuitive reading that you wouldn’t be able to formulate without a lot of experience. If you already have a particular question in mind or a choice that you’re considering, use it as a starting point.

This is the formula I use for insight into a variety of issues including health, timing and healing emotional dilemmas:

Come Into Balance with the Book of Change

Make sure the chakras for your senses are connected and balanced.


Mind Body IntegrationContinue enhancing intuition by bringing your senses into balance. Some may be turned up too high and some may be too low. Relax and allow your eyes to rest gently on the Circle below.

Take some deep breaths and let your shoulders drop. Adjust the volume to your senses. Do that both crossed and uncrossed over the midline of your body.

The chakra at your sacrum (sacred bone) is an access point for tapping into the flow of the Tao. Take a minute to make sure it’s balanced.

Activate Intuition

Begin by slowing down, so that you can get in better touch with the best intention for your reading. Gaze softly at this Intuitive Learning Circle™ for slowing down with an affirmation like:

“I slow down and bring my attention in, towards what’s truly important at this time.” 


While gazing softly at this next Circle, sort through your mind like you would sort through a pile of messy papers on your desk when you’re looking for something. You come across a really important piece of paper that you didn’t know was there. Use the Circle to help you find it and pull it out.

If your mind is blocked or blank go here and read about Fixated Thoughts or Shock>

Clarify Intention

Move your attention to this next Circle and ask your gut:

“What do I need clarity about?”

Be patient and wait for information or an intention to emerge. Whatever comes up, make a note of it. Unconscious information often doesn’t make sense at first. Usually, it’s a general subject, possibly one that isn’t currently on your radar. Go with it and refrain from trying to force things or second guess yourself.

Or go to one of the Circles from Gifts from the Rainforest. Pick #1 – 49.


Continue your investigation. What concerns you about this issue?

Hopefully, by now more details are emerging from the unconscious mind and you’re more aware of them. If you sense an important Soul issue, go to a Circle from Soul Prayer Charts to help you know what it is. Pick #1-24.

Determine the Emotional Environment

Is there a particular emotion(s) that’s causing distress?

Are you holding that emotion towards yourself? Towards others or others to self?

Is there a decision about yourself that you need to change?

Is there an attitude, compulsion, obsession, or phobia that needs to be healed?

Choose An I Ching Hexagram

The symbol below is from SOS Soul Oriented Solutions and can be used to go through any list of possible choices where you want your Soul to help you find the opening to a solution and determine what process will help you the best. All you need to be is open and ask for true assistance. It’s especially good at helping you make a choice, fine tune your intuition and listen to your gut feelings.

In the case of the Book of Change, there are sixty-four hexagrams that might have useful information for you. So gaze at the SOS symbol and experiment with it. Remember that in this case, you’re looking for information or advice that will help you deal with the situation you just came up with.

What number between 1 – 64 comes to you first? Follow your inner guidance. If your mind is blocked or blank go here>

SOS - Soul Oriented Solutions

Whatever number comes to you, open your Book of Change and go to that Hexagram. You might need to read the whole commentary or just a portion of it. There are also what is called “changing lines” and you might be guided to read one of those. It could even be just one sentence!

Once you’ve read the advice, you may understand the message immediately or you might want to continue to get an even more detailed understanding.


For example, perhaps you’d like more information about timing or how to synchronize your response in the most effective way.


This symbol is about timing and synchronization. Let your mind gently contemplate the symbol. Remember, no forcing! The more relaxed you are, the better this works.




The whole point of consulting the I Ching is to help you see your situation clearly so that you’re able to make an effective plan for handling it. As you look at the Circle below, ask yourself: “In this situation, what is the best timing for effective action?”

or “How long will this period of time go on?”


“Is there any danger present now?”

“If so, will it pass on it’s own or should I do something?”


“What can I do specifically to help myself?”

“Is there a number in the I Ching that can help me with that?”

If a hexagram number between 1-64 comes to you, go to that hexagram and do what you did earlier – read the portions that come up as important. If a number doesn’t come up, continue on with the question below.


“What do I need to do now?”

and “How might I go about doing it?”

You may get a clear answer through the Circle itself or you could be given another hexagram number and/or changing line. It may be the same or it may be different. Keep following this line of questioning until you feel satisfied with your answers. Write them down so you don’t forget.



Once you’re finished with your reading from the Book of Change, be sure to thank your unconscious mind and yourself for making the time to take care of yourself.


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Rheanni LightwaterI Ching Workbook - R. L. WingThe text that Rheanni Likes to use for her readings is The Book of Change Workbook by R.L. Wing

Mind body healing and intuitive readings are available with Rheanni (Ray-ah-nee). Call her at (505) 271-4612 between 10:00am – 5:00pm, MST, Monday through Friday to schedule.


Intuitive Readings are not a substitute for professional medical care and diagnosis. I cannot give you a diagnosis and I can’t prescribe. If you are ill or injured, please seek the assistance of a qualified medical practitioner.