Know When Someone Is Lying

Did you know that you instinctively know when someone is lying to you?

Know When Someone Is LyingYour gut instinct is the best lie detector and has all the information it needs – as long as you’re present and paying attention! It’s just that for some reason, the information is being blocked from your conscious awareness and you can’t see the signs.

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There’s a lot going on in today’s social and political landscape that is pretty shocking. Unfortunately, shock can keep us from being able to see lies that are sitting right in front of our noses. That’s why we’re going to start this game by clearing out any shock that might block your ability to know when someone is lying. Take several deep breaths and relax while you look at this Circle that releases shock and inner conflict.

Imagine you can use it to focus in on a conflict or rigid thought that’s preoccupying your mind at the moment. 

If your mind is blank or frozen, focus on how “blank” or “frozen” it is. You may get a conscious image or message, or you may not.

Once you have a sense that your mind has found the blockage, imagine you can send a beam of light directly to it. 

Allow your laser beam to break up the fixation until it’s gone.

Check for other blockages or conflicts that you can do the same with. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to continue with the main exercise…

Know When Someone is Lying to You

There are several reasons why you might not know when someone is lying to you. One reason could be that you have a “blind spot.” For some reason, you’ve been conditioned to not see certain things coming. You may be able to remedy some of that by gazing softly at this Reiki Chakra Key, together with these positive affirmations:

“I reclaim and balance all of my senses.”

“I use them to be present and alert.”

“I use them to sense what will keep me safe, productive and well.”

“I can clearly sense what will help me to _______________.”

Another possibility could be that you’re being distracted. Distractions are a liar’s best friend, because if you’re not paying attention, they can get away with all kinds of things. 

To see if this is the case for you, experiment with one of our Intuitive Learning Circles™ that helps you focus your attention. If you follow the directions, you can get useful answers that could really help you out.

All you have to do is relax and gaze softly at the center open space of this Circle while you ask yourself a couple of questions. Be sure to be receptive and listen for the answer that comes.

“Am I being lied to?”

“if so, do I know who it is? Male or female? More than one person?”

“Could it involve an idea or project I’m working with? Is something based on a lie I don’t know about?”

“Am I unwittingly lying to myself?”

You may be surprised at the answers that came to you. If it didn’t work, you can go back and do it again. 

Mind Body IntegrationBe sure to check the directions again and follow them.

It can help to  gaze softly at the Circle both crossed and uncrossed over the midline of your body for full integration. 

Feel free to move at anytime in any way to help you embody your experience!

If the answer you get is “no, I’m not being lied to,” count yourself lucky, you’re a very fortunate person! If the answer is “yes” or “maybe”, you might want to continue with the following extra-intuitive activities to see what’s going on and get some emotional healing around the issue.

Extra Intuitive Activities

Another reason why we might block information about lies is because we don’t want to believe it! Of course, this is understandable, yet the liars could really be doing some damage. If you know when someone is lying you could save yourself from a tremendous amount of damage.

Use this next Circle the same way and ask:

“Am I willing to know when someone is lying?”

“Am I willing to know what the lie is?”

“Is it helpful for me to know in this case?”

“If I’m not willing, am I open to the possibility?”

Very interesting, isn’t it? We instinctively know when someone is lying, but we often don’t want to know. Look at the Circle again and ask, “How much damage has been done?”

“About how long has this been going on?”

“Do I want to shift my perspective and see things as they really are?”

If you’re not clear what the lie is yet, keep going with the exercise. You may need a few more easy corrections before the truth emerges.

A lot of times, how we see these things is affected by how present we are in our bodies. It’s called gut instinct because when we’re really present, we can feel it in our solar plexus (the soft area in the front where our ribs go up). You can use this Circle to help you become more aware of what you’re feeling there. Just relax and breathe while you gently look at it for a minute or so.

“I am present and aware.”

Another reason why we might not want to know about the lies is because we’re afraid that we won’t know what to do about it once we find out. Perhaps we don’t want to face it and it seems easier to just look the other way. Having courage to face the truth is one of the most important things we can develop in ourselves. A mind without courage cannot expand and learn new ways of being.

Use this Circle to help you remember a time when you had the courage to face the truth and do what needed to be done. Once you find it, relax and let that feeling integrate.

“I have the courage, the resources and the capacity to face the truth.”


If you are under the influence of a lie, it can be very useful to release your agreement to fall under its spell. Use this Soul Contract Circle to imagine that the lie (or lies) are like contracts that you can burn. Use the Circle to visualize all those contracts burning up into ashes. Let these affirmations assist you if you like:

“I release all agreements to be used, entrapped or taken advantage of.

I discard any tendencies to be careless, foolish, misguided or cheated.”

“It’s okay to take care of myself. I protect myself against lies and deception. I know what to do.”

Sometimes it’s really important to face the truth and understand what is required of us to change. Use the Circle below like you did with the others and give yourself a chance to reorganize your awareness.

“I reorganize my mind to trust my gut instinct. I naturally know what to do.”

Now that you’re clearer about what’s really going on, it’s good to be sure that you’ve shifted directions.

“Am I heading in the direction of truth?”

If you aren’t, take a few minutes to let this Circle help you make the correct adjustments.

Once you’re sure you’re heading in the right direction, finish this mind exercise by asking yourself this important question:

“What is the best thing for me to do in this situation?”

Congratulations! You now know when someone is lying to you – and you know what to do.

You’ve just given yourself an amazing gift that’s going to save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Be sure to close the door on old emotional channels of pain.

“All holes are sealed and healed. I follow the direction of healthy protection.”

Closure for Mind Body Healing

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Rheanni Lightwater - Know When Someone is Lying

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